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Maternal and Infant Health

At Euphoria Health and Wellness LLC., we provide postpartum wellness care to help new mothers and families get you through the first two years of postpartum Our holistic approach combines eastern and western care to ensure the best possible outcome for the mother and newborn.


About Us

Hi, I'm Jerrica Conyers, Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

As a wife, mom of 3, a former Neonatal ICU nurse and a Nurse Practitioner I understand the challenges new mothers and families face during the postpartum period. At Euphoria Health and Wellness LLC., we provide virtual/concierge child birth education  and postpartum care to mothers in the metro city of Atlanta and surrounding counties. Our approach is centered around providing holistic care that focuses on the physical, emotional, genetics, and cultural well-being of the mother, newborn and overall family.

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We offer a range of postpartum health and wellness services to support mothers and families during the postpartum period. Our services include in home mother and baby assessment, focusing on decreasing hospital admission,  breastfeeding, emotional support, newborn care education, and other wellness elements.

Child Birth & Postpartum Education

Postpartum Visits

Newborn Care Education

Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Telehealth, Business Consults & Genesight Review

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